Arokia Intranet Solution is custom developed & further customizable to suite small, medium & large scale organization. It is built to fit universally.

Making use of Arokia Intranet Solution, organisations can not only but also maintain employee information, leave and permission details, employee appraisal, job satisfaction, training details, stores, purchase details, newsletter, message board, events, reports etc

Saves Money
  • Arokia’s familiar web browser-based access reduces the need for Staff training and application installation
  • Putting paper-based forms and procedures online saves money on Stationary
  • Intranet usage cuts down on unnecessary emails, lowering storage and network costs
  • Allowing employees to publish and distribute information themselves reduces production and administration costs and frees up human resources
Saves Time
  • Business processes are streamlined with Arokia’s Intranet and take place online - no 'paper chase' is necessary
  • Arokia’s intranet’s powerful Search Engine lets you find the information you need with just a few mouse clicks
Empowers Users
  • Arokia’s Intranet content publishing tools allow users to create their own documents to share news, knowledge and information
  • Full user profiles give users a real sense of online identity, and help to familiarize users with colleagues throughout your company
  • Regular information updates keep users informed about any new developments that might affect their projects
  • A democratic approach to information ownership encourages every user to create content and take pride in their own independent online output
Improves Productivity
  • Creating a definitive information resource helps to eliminate the duplication of information
  • Publishing documents to one central location eliminates version control issues
  • Online workflow means no 'paper chase' when issuing and approving documents team
  • The simple-to-use web interface helps users to be active and productive online within minutes
Simple & Easy To Use
  • Arokia’s Intranet user interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use
  • The point-and-click interface provides users with instant and easy access to the information they need
  • Intranet administrators can control user access to sensitive or restricted information
Customizable Look And Feel
  • Arokia’s intranet user interface can be fully customized, tailoring your intranet to match your branding and corporate identity
  • A personalized graphical skin can be created for every intranet by Arokia’s talented design staff, or your own designers
  • Please contact us to see examples of bespoke client homepages that we have developed, or to discuss your own particular requirements
Integration To Existing Systems
  • Arokia’s Intranet is designed to link into your existing I.T. infrastructure, and requires no new hardware or software
  • Arokia’s Intranet was designed from the outset to integrate with existing network and messaging infrastructures
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